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Lawn Mowing In the Lakeland & Plant City, FL Areas

Scheduled grass cutting, trimming around fences, trees and obstacles, edging along walkways, and blowing of grass clippings are included with our lawn mowing and maintenance services.

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Invest in proper lawn care and maintenance for your Lakeland or Plant City, FL property. Get annual lawn mowing services you can rely on!

At ProCare Lawn Maintenance, our professionalism, top quality equipment, and the extra attention we give to each property set us apart as one of the finest lawn mowing and maintenance companies in the region. Have our experienced experts provide lawn care service for your residential or commercial property in Lakeland, Plant City, Mulberry, or surrounding communities.

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Basic Lawn Mowing Services

Our uniformed crew arrives at your home or business in company vehicles, with all the equipment necessary to perform your mowing and maintenance. Here in the Lakeland and Plant City region, we mow your grass on an annual schedule of approximately 40-42 mows a year, which consist of:

  • Weekly mowing from April through October
  • Bi-weekly mowing from November through March

In addition to mowing, we provide other maintenance services for your property to keep it looking its best. We do string trimming around your house, fence, trees, and any other areas where our mowers cannot reach. Our team also provides edging along sidewalks and driveway, and use commercial strength blowers to blow grass clippings from your hardscaping into the lawn.

Team member performing mowing service for a homeowner in Plant City.

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn Height

Every Florida lawn is a bit different, depending on the type of turf that you have. We inspect your lawn prior to starting services, so we know exactly what type of cut you need to keep your grass healthy and green.

As a general rule, we follow the one-third cutting method, where our team will never trim more than one-third of the blade height of your grass. However, the optimal blade height to keep your grass healthy is dependent upon the type of lawn your property has.

Common Grass Types

Many types of grass can thrive in Florida. Some do better in shady and damp conditions while others can better withstand the heat of summertime. There are six popular types of grass used in Central Florida and each needs to be cut to a specific height for optimal growth:

  • St. Augustine grass; cut at 3.5-4"
  • Bermuda grass; cut at 0.5-2"
  • Bahiagrass; cut at 3-4"
  • Centipede grass; cut at 1.5-2"
  • Buffalo grass; cut at 1.5-2"
  • Zoysia grass; cut at 1-2"

When the lawn is cut at a proper height, photosynthesis can be more effective, thus creating a thicker and healthier lawn.

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Put your lawn mowing and maintenance in capable hands! Our team takes proper care in providing meticulous maintenance to your property. We bring our professional equipment, do the job, and then take care to ensure that any gates are closed and secured.

Find out more about how our services can benefit your property! We currently provide lawn mowing services to communities around Lakeland, FL, including Plant City and Mulberry. Call (813) 363-5790 to get a free estimate from our lawn experts today!

Our Wright stander mower used for lawn maintenance.

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