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Carefully trimmed and pruned landscaping bed in Lakeland, FL.

Trimming & Pruning In the Lakeland & Plant City, FL Areas

Our trimming and pruning services will keep the hedges, shrubs, and small trees in your landscape beds healthy and looking well manicured.

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Our expert landscape trimming and pruning service is available now for homes and businesses in Lakeland, Plant City, and Mulberry, FL.

The health of your hedges, plants, shrubs/bushes, and small trees can really suffer if they are trimmed and pruned by someone with a general lack of knowledge in proper technique. At ProCare Lawn Maintenance, our knowledgeable professionals can properly trim and prune the bushes and other plants of your landscape beds, using commercial grade equipment.

Your trimming and pruning needs are in good hands when you invest in landscape maintenance through ProCare Lawn Maintenance. If you own a business or live in the Lakeland, Plant City, or Mulberry region, inquire about these services separately or in conjunction with your regularly scheduled lawn mowing services.

Expertly trimmed and pruned shrubs in the front yard of a Lakeland, FL home.

Trimming vs. pruning: what is the difference?

Sometimes we notice the terms trimming and pruning are being used interchangeably. However, this is not the proper use of those terms. Both are necessary for your plants and are specific to their needs in very different ways.


Trimming is intended as a grooming necessity for your plants. It is meant to tidy up the plant by removing overgrown branches. Most shrubs and small trees should be trimmed at least two times per year to prevent overgrowth from occurring.


Pruning is done for the health of the plant. It helps to promote improved and controlled growth by selectively removing dead, diseased, and irregular branches. Pruning keeps your small trees, bushes, and hedges strong and healthy.

The best time of year to do landscape trimming or pruning is during their dormancy period. In Florida, this would be during the winter months between November and March, before springtime.

Trimming & Pruning Services Benefit Your Landscaping

Hiring our expert trimming and pruning team is an investment that can benefit the well being of the small trees, shrubs, and hedges in your landscaping beds and can improve your home's curb appeal. Some additional benefits of our trimming and pruning service include:

  • It reduces disease and insect infestation in the plants.
  • Trees, shrubs, and bushes are able to get more sunlight.
  • Fruits and flowers are produced more readily and efficiently by your plants.
  • Helps to prevent diseases.
  • Helps to control growth and sizing.
  • Dead or loose branches are removed to promote their regrowth.

Hire Our Professional Team

Our expert landscapers come in uniforms and are fully insured. Get an estimate or set up your trimming session now by calling us at (813) 363-5790. Homes and businesses in Lakeland, Plant City, and the surrounding communities are already taking advantage of our extensive lawn care services. Now it is your turn!

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